Top Beach Resorts in the Maldives

Bond on the White Soft-Sand of Beautiful Indian Ocean

The freshness of the water and the honeymoon go together when newlywed couples decide a destination to celebrate the love, life, and the newly created bond. The Maldives is filled with traveler- lovers, who explore the sand, sky, and sea of the Maldives while celebrating the bond of their love. The Maldives is a destination, which is chosen for the excursion purposes by families, friends, businesses, and couples. Our saying is that we see more honeymooners enjoying the first days of their wedding in the most serene, beautiful, lovely and soothing atmosphere of the Maldives – the touch of paradise on Earth.

More importantly, all the resorts have been designed and structured to look alike Eden –the peaceful sanctuary of lovers in the garden of seas. The Maldives offer 75 private-islands that feature villas, bungalows and hotel rooms over the sea and beach resorts. So, it becomes quite difficult for the honeymooners to choose the best place for them – so that they get the best world-class experience of the resort and the best perception of the Maldives, the country made of the beautiful and gorgeous chain of Islands.

We are aware that all the honeymooners want villas that have fewer kids facility, all-inclusive food facility, larger rooms with softer beds, excellent spas, luxurious room service and lots of other amenities which make their honeymoon an experience of their lifetime. Here, we present to our well-researched and well-articulated list of Top Beach Resorts in the Maldives for Honeymoon:

Beauty and Bonding at its Best

Paradise island resort

Paradise Island Resort is located in the Indian Ocean that has brighter and whiter beaches, offering overwater villas and beachfront villas to the travelers so that they enjoy most during their journey to the resort. The resort offers five-star treatment to its guests while also giving them the unique chance of exploring the beauty of the white powdery sand beaches of the Maldives, where the love story of the honeymooners culminates in the greatest bond of their lives.

Honeymooning in Perfect Maldivian Hideaway

Hideaway Beach

This resort is set on the private crescent-shaped Island, where the honeymooners can find the best retreat and a hideaway from the world. Situated in the beautiful and the most peaceful Haa Lifu Atoll, Hideaway Beach gives utmost privacy and luxury to honeymooners so that they can enjoy the best of their time together and with each other. This best resort offers excellent food service, room service and hotel service to the revered guests.

Captivating Maldivian Island Offers Perfect Sanctuary to Honeymooners

Reethi Beach Resort

Amidst the beautiful, gorgeous and lush Fonimagoodhoo Island, Reethi Beach Resort stands in the amazing water lagoon and white sandy beach. The honeymooners want one thing: relaxing spa, private time and amazing food. Reethi Beach makes sure to give plenty of these to the honeymooners so that they get the best out of their journey to love, admire and relish one another’s company more and more.

Beauty of Paradise Island Leaves You Mesmerized and Spellbound

Lily Beach Resort

It is set in the Paradise Island of the Maldives that gives away the best excursion experiences to its guests, especially honeymooners. We say that the Maldives is the best place to start the journey of love – wedding- in the nestled private island Lily Beach Resort of Maldives. Lily Beach Resort of Maldives offers the best romantic escape in the wilderness of the open sky and sea in its beachfront villas.

Impressive and Enchanting Resort Rooms amidst Beautiful Maldivian Blueness

Palm Beach Resort and Spa

This is one of the most luxurious Palm Beach Resort and Spa Service providers, which stands tall in the gorgeous private Island of Maldives. The resort offers spacious rooms, sea-facing rooms, desk service, coffee-tea amenity, free WiFi, TV, lounge, private swimming facility and more for the honeymooners to enjoy their stay in the paradise of Earth, Maldives.

Having a Castaway Experience at Gorgeous Maldivian Resort

Kurumba Resort

Kurumba Resort is a gorgeous beachfront resort that offers its guests a wide variety of choices of bars, variant choices of the accommodation and live entertainment events, and hosts honeymooners in the perfect way the newlyweds should be hosted. The resort staff serves honeymooners very well, which is why the resort has been rated A+ mostly by the honeymooners.

All Gorgeous Blue Hues Perfectly Seen From the Beautiful Maldivian Resort


This popular retreat, situated in the Thulusdhoo, offers its revered guests the most astonishing, spectacular and amazing views from its property. The property has a restaurant, shared lounge and lots of privacy offered in the private rooms to the guests with lots of amenities. Couples have particularly loved the location and gave the retreat the highest ratings. The retreat is situated at only 1.3 KM distance from the city.

Live a Local Maldivian Life at Tropic Tree Hotel

Tropic Tree Hotel

Offering the best retreat in the Maldives, Tropic Tree Hotel is located at just one minute walk from the amazing white sand of the Gulhi. The rooms of this topical hotel are furnished with a touch of the local Maldivian style, so the guests enjoy the most in the Maldivian setup of coconut timber furnished rooms, with a minibar, kitchen, lounge area, and desk. Honeymooners give the most positive review for this topical hotel. The time stands still in this beachfront villa, where luxury, sumptuousness, and gorgeousness awaits our guests.

These are the best Maldivian Beach Resorts for the honeymooners, wherein the newlyweds start the auspicious journey of their bond in extreme love and admiration of each other’s presence. The newlyweds love for each other grows more in the serene and peaceful environment of the private islands of Maldives – the heavenly place on the Planet Earth.

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